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corrections officer


Education and Experience:

    • High school diploma or GED certification
    • At least twenty-one (21) years of age
    • United States Citizenship or lawful permanent resident required
    • Valid driver’s license at the time of appointment
    • Bi-lingual language skills preferred
    • Have no prior felony convictions and/or recent or excessive drug usage history
    • Solid writing skills and basic report preparation
    • Communication skills, mediation, and problem-solving
    • Ability to exercise sound judgment
    • Ability to use a computer with knowledge of various software applications
    • Ability to successfully complete the background investigation

Knowledge of:  Principles, techniques, and procedures associated with incarceration and dealing effectively with incarcerated individuals; federal, state, and local laws relative to inmate housing and treatment; department policies, directives and procedures, and basic defense tactics.

Ability to: Learn, interpret and apply department policies and procedures; interpret and apply federal, state, and local laws and regulations; communicate clearly and effectively with inmates, coworkers, supervisory personnel, and the public; prepare effective written materials and reports; handle multiple tasks and deadlines; exercise appropriate judgment and decision making; act quickly and effectively in emergencies and exert physical restraint of disorderly inmates.

Public safety professionals who are responsible for the safety and welfare of community members in different stages of the adjudication process. Corrections officers are also involved with identifying barriers to success on the outside and actively participate in reducing recidivism.


becoming a CORRECTIONS officer

Step 1 – $31.56 – Step 7 – $42.37


Upon successful completion of probation employees with college degrees are eligible for the following wage incentive AA = 2% BA/BS = 4% Masters = 6% -You may request consideration to become firearms qualified and upon qualification you would be eligible for an additional 5% wage incentive.

Corrections officers are responsible for the safety and welfare of community members in different stages of the adjudication process and help identify barriers to success on the outside, actively participating in reducing recidivism. 


Officers provide intake and release services for inmates, maintain order, and provide security at the Clark County Jail and Jail Work Center and are responsible for the around-the-clock operation of the jail.


Jail Services values the ethical characteristics of trustworthiness, responsibility, respect, fairness, caring and citizenship, and we are looking for applicants who share and uphold these characteristics while carrying out their assigned duties. The commitment to retain and promote from within are reflected in the long-term quality staff that are entrusted with a unified message of safety and community improvement.


Corrections Officers are represented by the Clark County Corrections Deputy Guild.

Get paid to attend training at the Academy (Academy is also paid for by the agency)

  • Paid during Field Training (OJT in the jail)
  • Ongoing training and development throughout the entire Career
  • Promotional and specialty unit opportunities after successful probation
  • All equipment and uniforms are supplied and paid for by the agency

State PSERS retirement age is 60 after 10 years of service.
For more information go to


Affordable medical, dental, and vision benefits with comprehensive coverage, and generous paid days off plan.


Perfect schedule for people with busy lives:

Primary schedule after successful
completion of the Academy is 4 days on 4 days off (12-hour shifts)

  • Only work 182 days a year.
  • Only work four days in a row.
  • Four consecutive days off after every four days of work.
  • The schedule is stable and predictable.


  • The best training, community outreach skills, and award-winning policing techniques
  • State-of-the art safety equipment
  • Resources to solve real-life problems

our hiring process

Frequently asked Questions

High school diploma or GED
• No felony convictions
• A valid driver’s license
• 21 years of age by the time of hire
• Must pass a comprehensive pre-employment background check.

Clark County Jail Services adheres to the State of Washington and the Criminal Justice Training
Commissions’ requirements for background investigations under RCW 43.101.095.
Below you will find a summary of automatic disqualifiers and areas that are reviewed for

• Felony conviction regardless of status
• Domestic violence charges
• Manufacturing and/or distribution of illegal drugs
• Reckless/negligent/DUI within the last three years
• Dishonorable discharge from military service
• Failure to register for Selective Service
• Discharge from a criminal justice agency related to honesty
• Affiliation with gangs or extremist groups
• Recent patterns of behavior that erode public trust

Application: All candidates must submit a job application Testing:

• Written test: All candidates must complete a written exam. Exam scores of 70% or above are invited to continue in the hiring process. • Physical test: All candidates must complete the Washington Physical Ability Test (Pass/Fail) Candidates for the position of corrections officer must successfully complete the Physical Ability Test (PAT) to view a demonstration click the link below http:// =105896965

Selection interview: All candidates must complete a panel interview. This interview is the only opportunity for candidates to demonstrate why they’re the best fit for the corrections officer position and will determine if the candidate moves to the conditional offer phase. A member of the recruitment team will contact candidates to schedule interviews after they complete the previous steps. Conditional offer of employment: All candidates must successfully pass the following exams to begin their career: (Please note all appointments/exams are arranged on the candidate’s behalf.)
  • Background Investigation: Once candidates have received a conditional offer a link will be provided to an online personal history information questionnaire. Once the completed questionnaire has been received, the department background unit will conduct a thorough background investigation. This process can take some time while the investigator gathers information. (Please see a list of disqualifiers.)
  • Polygraph Exam
  • Psychological Exam
  • Physical Ability Exam (Please note the physical ability test will be administered a 3rd time after hire as an entrance exam into the Corrections Academy)
  • Medical Fitness Exam with drug screening.
  • Final Offer of employment with start date and first day Information
The written test measures skills such as reading comprehension, written expression, basic math, memorization and recall, deductive reasoning, inductive reasoning and spatial orientation. No prior experience is required. You may purchase study materials and practice tests at: Two testing options are available: Please contact Recruiting Sergeant Alva Songer at for information regarding free local testing events hosted by Clark County Jail Services or test through Public Safety Testing: Check their website for testing schedules and rates or   1.866.HIRE-911 (1.866.447.3911) Participants will have approximately four hours to complete the written exam.
Panel interviews can be intimidating. Don’t be nervous. Taking time to prepare will enable you to ace the oral board interview with flying colors. • Learn as much as you can about the job, agency and the community • Come to the interview looking like you care. Make sure your attire is clean, crisp and presentable. • Bring a notepad and pen to write down names if multiple people are interviewing you. • When answering questions, look panel members in the eye. • Practice Oral Board questions: Ask a friend or family member to quiz you with possible questions:

o Why do you want to become a corrections officer? o Why do you want to work for Clark County? o If a superior officer told you to do something you knew was against regulations, what would you do? o What would you do if a close family member was booked into the jail during your shift?

The length of the hiring process varies. You can assist by completing testing and provide
documents (school transcripts, certifications, records) needed to complete the background
check in a timely manner.


Clark County Jail Services promotes and maintains public safety through effective correctional and reentry practices. A safe, suitable jail facility for those housed in the jail, as well as those who work and provide services in the jail, continues to be the number one priority for this countywide service.